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Movies and TV shows are picking celebrities who have an established, built in and engaged audience. Do you need to build up an engaged community? Enter Affinity!

Notify Your Fans

Send real-time push notifications straight to your fans’ smartphones about album releases, TV appearances, tour dates, exclusive early access and more!

Grow Your Social

Incentivise your fans to engage with your social media channels and get more eyes on your social posts. We encourage your fans to share your content and help increase your fanbase.

Reward Your Fans

Give your best fans a place to interact closely with you while rewarding them with exclusive content and opportunities they can’t find anywhere else.

Know Your Fans

Own data that can be used to develop new brand sponsorship opportunities, help push towards your current brand sponsors, and create new campaigns.

Sports Teams

Create team spirit outside of the game!

Support Your Sponsors

Use our mobile app to give fans the opportunities to earn points at local merchants. Drive traffic and use our tools demonstrate the incease in value for your sponsors.

Entice Your Fans

Reward fans directly from the app and enhance their game experience or use reward offers to bring them to the game in the first place.

Upgrade Their Seats From Their Pocket

Notifications in the rewards app are completely flexible. Incentivise your most effective in-game fans and reward them.

Know Your Fans

Our apps allow you to understand the spending habits of your fans and allow you to more effectively target your marketing efforts. Take the guess work out from now on!

Movies & TV

Reward fans for watching in real time!

Remind Fans Directly

Send fans reminders of TV showtimes or movie premieres by sending push notifications directly to their smartphones. You have the ability to notify them anytime, anywhere.

Create A Hub For Superfans

Have a hub of everything your fans will be interested in and reward them for interacting. Interviews with the stars, YouTube trailers, other fans talking, and more.

Give Exclusive Sneak Peeks

Reward your superfans with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, photos, and more!

Leverage Your Superfans

Incentivise your superfans to do what you need! Get them to share your news, recruit their friends to be superfans, go to premieres, use specific hashtags, and more.

Non-Profits, Charities & Causes

Make giving to your organization FUN and EASY!

Spread The Word

Reward supporters for learning what you need them to know and sharing that information on their social networks.

Give For FREE

Supporters are able to donate without spending any extra money, all they have to do is shop from our participating retailers and you will get a portion of that.

Gain Local Support

Give your supporters deals in their area while gaining revenue from local retailers. Real-time mobile updates let them know where and when a deal is available. They go, you get paid.

Know Who Your Top Supporters Are

Incentivise your superfans to do what you need! Get them to share your news, recruit their friends to be superfans, go to premieres, use specific hashtags, and more.


Imagine perfectly timed advertising and the ability to tell
potential customers ANYTHING at ANYTIME!

Our Fans Shop With You Over Competitors

Access to our fan bases gives you the opportunity to have them rewarded by their favorite celebrities/sport teams/etc. for shopping with you instead of your competitors.

Highlight Your Brand In Searches

When searching through Google, your brand will be listed higher and with a special icon letting fans know they can get points for shopping with you.

Know Who Shops With You

We can give you data on who shops with you and when they shop; online or in real time! Plus we know what they like, what they search for, and who they are fans of.

Local Retailers

Get customers to stop in at the right time

Get People In The Door

Through our mobile app fans are alerted of nearby deals when they are close.

Our Clients Push Your Product

Your deals will be pushed through celebrities’, sports teams’, and other clients’ apps. Their fans (who are rewarded for using the app daily) will be encouraged to go to your business.

Know Who Shops With You

We can tell you who shops with you at what time of the day. Use our data to cater to your customers specifically.

About Us

We're the people behind Affinity. Learn about what makes us tick.


Daniel Todd


If it’s a game, Daniel Todd’s, um, game. Especially if it’s a business game.

Most especially if it’s a business game that will take full advantage of this Atari and tire-swing-loving entrepreneur’s wicked smarts with all things tech, entrepreneurship and the wild wild web.

With a basketball in one hand and a magic wand in the other, Daniel (do call him Dan) serves as head honcho here at Affinity.IS, guiding us as we create sweet software that allows retailers to turn shopping into a game for their customers.

Dan’s tech wizardry makes shopping fun and profitable, and this translates into happy retailers. They’re happy because, through Affinity.IS, they can offer online shoppers a way to buy cool stuff while earning points for great prizes from their favorite celebs and teams. And when those customers buy that cool stuff? Our retailer clients earn plenty of greenbacks.

So let’s do a quick rundown: Games. Fun. Prizes. Celebs. Greenbacks.

Dan also serves on the board of Bizible, and as an advisor to other Seattle area startups working to pull off their own big ideas.

Before launching Affinity.IS, Dan co-founded the online media company Zango (1999), and served in an estimated 17 to 49 roles (final count uncertain) through his eight-year tenure, including that of President. At Zango, he was the driving force behind the firm’s Targeted Visitor product and Time Shifted Advertising model. (Sounds fancy. Was fancy.) He also helped make Zango a ridiculously rad place to work, which paved the way for several placements on Inc’s annual “500 Fastest Growing Companies” list (Zango made it all the way to #7 in 2005, boo yah!)

When he’s not intensely busy being a tech all-star, Dan writes articles and speaks on the topics of online advertising and digital media strategy. He’s spoken at OMMA Hollywood 2007 and CNET Conferences, and contributed to DM News and CNN Money, covering such things as desktop advertising, social media, and social networking. In the public policy sector, Dan has served as a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Platform for Privacy Preference Project (P3P).

Prior to starting Zango, Dan helped launch and grow another startup, LoanWorks, Inc. He received his Bachelor’s of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from Northwest College. Dan’s been married for more than 20 years and has a teenage son and daughter. They are equally as ambitious. Save us all.

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Gabe Coyne


When you see a super ninja coder, words like “geek,” “dweeb” or “mega-nerd” likely pop right into mind.

(It’s OK, we all do it.)

What about when you see a super ninja coder who is sporty, cool and can also design?

This is when you rub your eyes, do a triple-take and realize that you're very likely having a spiritual experience.

Gabe Coyne is all that and more here at Affinity.IS. A rare specimen, indeed.

Not only does he know how to code, well, anything, he also harnesses his split personality to produce amazing designs and creative content. Oh, and let’s not forget that he’s a strapping sporty dude, who served as his high school’s quarterback and has produced nothing but male offspring (three little guys and counting).

Gabe got his first taste for startups shortly after college, working as a coder for Chameleon Data. After a few years of technical wheeling and dealing, he realized that his creative genius was choked to death by data, so he began freelancing and then landed a design job on the marketing team at Varolii.

Once he’d helped rebrand Varolii, built the company’s intranet and completed a bunch of snazzy design work, he transitioned to a design agency, Design Elements. This is where Gabe really started lighting the world on fire with his design work, supporting clients like Amazon, Vulcan and Green Car.

And once you know how to light the world on fire? It’s kind of easy to venture out on your own. And that’s just what Gabe did, politely removing the one-hour-each-way commute from his life and instead building up an impressive stable of freelance clients, both technical and creative. He even built his own content management platform, from which he built and hosted more than 30 client websites.

Next, Gabe was called upon to serve, literally. He was recruited by his church to work full time on their web team and jumped at the chance, not only because he’s a ridiculously good human, but it also gave him opportunity to morph himself into a rails developer.

Our ninja coderpiller blossomed into a beautiful coderfly.

Not coincidentally, this is also around the time that lots of startup founders began contacting Gabe to come co-lead their next-big-deal operations. Alas, only Daniel Todd could woo Gabe properly, because of his awesomeness.

And the rest is history. Or history in the making, if you will.

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Savannah Bridge

Director of Client Happiness

If you said that you saw our Director of Happiness, Savannah Bridge, with anything but a smile on her face… I would call you a liar. She has a positive attitude with every problem she faces and the ability to troubleshoot just about anything! Glass half full? Ask Savannah…and she would say it is.

To top it off, Savannah has done it all! Seriously. She’s been in customer service…worked in a restaurant…a clothing stores…a shoe store…a plant nursery….a university student center…a ceramic painting studio….even a ZOO! Talk about well-rounded. She also graduated from Philadelphia University in 2009 with a BS in Interior Design, so when we're picking out colors for our office walls, we know where to turn.

How did she end up with Affinity you ask? After leaving school Savannah discovered her passion for web/graphic design…even going as far as teaching herself HTML when she first moved to Seattle (Savannah is not a Seattle native…she actually grew up in Colorado where her family still resides). She started her last role at Thinkspace where she was an admin assistant, but like I said before, with that go-get-em’ attitude Savannah was the Director of Operations by the time she left. While there she was able to nurture her love of customer service (yes, I said love) and technology. Affinity really has gained a gem in the way of Savannah Bridge.

Savannah spends most days ensuring clients are beyond thrilled with both the Affinity.IS team and our core offerings. Away from the “office” her hobbies are about as lengthy as her resume. Whether at home or traveling the US, she continues to spread the happy with her long-time boyfriend and friends. She loves to cook, including her favorite recipes of Bridgeritos (yup, a totally made up name) and chili. Running? Ya, she loves to do that too…any 5/10k that has a cool theme (like jingle bells, bubbles, even chocolate) and Savannah is down. But best part of all? She loves to get a little nerdy. Yup, she is a self-proclaimed nerd. Video games? Comic books? Sci-fi? Savannah loves it all and here at Affinity, we love her!

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Mark Dunford


Mark Dunford is a man who wears many hats! On top of being one of our developers here at Affinity, he’s also a father of to his son Jeremiah, husband to Melinda, AND a pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle!

Somehow in his busy schedule of being a family man, a pastor and an Affinity developer, Mark is finding time pursue a Masters in Divinity at Western Seminary in Portland. Mark is a student at heart. He’s finished degrees in Graphic Design (Art Institute of Seattle, 2002), History (Seattle Pacific University) and received his Masters in Missional Leadership (Resurgence Training Center).

Beyond hitting the books, Mark has interests in a lot of different areas. He has a hobby of participating in what he calls “intellectual jogs” (nope, this does not involve running) by meeting people to get into deep intellectual conversations (mostly philosophy and religion). At his heart, he is definitely a people person, that’s for sure; A self-proclaimed extrovert! In his spare time (when he can manage some), he can be found brewing beer, cooking up some tasty ribs, or attending Sounders games.

From a career standpoint he’s enjoyed rounding out his experience. He’s worked as a video editor, a graphic designer, and held a corporate sales job. It’s his belief in adaptability that is one of the major reasons he loves his job here at Affinity! He’s held a variety of roles on the team and we are definitely glad to have him!about_us

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Grace Jang

Tech-tastic Intern

If you ask Grace Jang to go make you some coffee, she’s totally gonna do it. Even if she knows you’re just being lazy and taking advantage of the perks an intern offers, Grace will get you that coffee (and probably an amazingly fresh bagel). And she’ll do it with a smile on her face and that refreshing eagerness you see in only the best emerging professionals.

But holy heck, this gal’s got so much more talent than that.

When you watch Grace in action, you instantly “get” how huge of a dynamo this University of Washington Seattle undergrad is, and not just with the admin stuff. While we’ll be the first to admit it’s a dorky nickname, we totally call her our “Tech-tastic Sidekick.”

Laugh if you will, but we insist that every technology focused startup would benefit from a Grace Jang on board (no, you may not steal her).

A student of Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE) with a concentration on Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Grace spends her study time learning how to design technology that gives users the most excellent benefits and experience. And, lucky for us, she brings this blossoming knowledge to Affinity.IS, along with her other intern amazingness.

Like our main man Dan Todd, Grace loves playing basketball. She also digs great food, swimming and soaking up the rays back in her hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii. Is that jealousy we hear?

We feel very "maika" (lucky) that Grace has found her way from the islands to our doorstep.

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